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Learn More About How Volvo Express Operates

Here at Weston Volvo we are proud to serve drivers the best service and opportunities on the market. Customer service is our priority, and we want you to have all the tools to work through the different steps of owning a car confidently. When it comes to buying a new car, the first place many of our shoppers will start the process is online, which is why we have created Volvo Express to help you buy a new model and even trade-in your current model with ease. Buying a car should be fun! Not stressful, and this helpful tool lets you navigate the process with ease. In just a few simple steps, you can purchase a car online! This ultimately saves you time and hassle, which is perfect for those living busy lifestyles in Davie. Let's take a look at just how easy Volvo Express is to maneuver through.


Buy Your New Car Online

When it comes to picking out a new car, a fantastic place to start is on our website. You'll save time with our Express store, allowing you to buy your next car 100% online. You will be offered instant upfront pricing on all of our models. You can easily complete every step from the comfort of your home or even your office. If you live 50 miles from our dealership, this saves you the hassle of taking an entire day to do the same thing you are about to do online with Volvo Express buying. And, one of the best parts is we will deliver the model to a home within 50 miles! It's that easy.

Simple Steps to Purchase Your Car Online

There are six steps included in the Volvo Express process. Below we will ensure you have the information you need to understand the parts that each of these steps will include.

Step 1: Choose

We love our new and used models available from the Volvo XC90 SUV to the Volvo S60; we have a model that is perfect for families, adventure enthusiasts, young professionals, and even your new driver. You can pick any model from our inventory or create your own to get just what you've been dreaming about. During this process a Sales Consultant will be there to answer any questions you may have about a model, allowing you to feel 100% confident about your decision.

Step 2: Pricing

No matter if you are planning on taking out a loan or looking for a lease plan, the pricing step ensures you get the best possible lease or finance terms available. If you have a trade-in, our team will make sure you can get an instant cash offer on your car. And, before you commit, we will send you a deal sheet outlining each term of your purchase from cash to financing to lease alternatives.

Step 3: Trade-In

During this step, you will get a firm offer within three business hours on your trade-in. We will update your purchase with our best offer and let you know when it is ready for you to view. The offer is also redeemable with or without the purchase of a new car.

Step 4: Credit & Docs

To secure your purchase, you will need to complete a credit application and upload a copy of your driver's license, as well as a valid insurance card. This also applies to cash buyers as we need this completed document as a federal requirement. This will let us provide you with a final deal sheet based on approved credit and purchase eligibility.

Step 5: Final Review

To finalize your purchase, we will need you to look over a final deal sheet with numbers based on your approved credit. Review and accept the final deal sheet, and you're ready for a new Volvo!

Step 6: Delivery

The final step! A Delivery Specialist will bring your new car to your home with all of the paperwork ready to sign. You can schedule a delivery to your home or office, and we'll help you even set up your Bluetooth phone connection and walk you through the features of your new car.

You're all set. The car is now yours!

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