If you've been searching for a new vehicle for any time at all, you probably have already been overwhelmed by all of the available options. At Weston Volvo in Ft Lauderdale, we want to simplify your options by offering great deals on leases for great new Volvo vehicles. Whether you're interested in one of the state-of-the-art electric vehicles from Volvo, such as the C40 Recharge, or you've got your eye on a luxurious sedan, such as the S90, a lease provides a great way for you to get the car you want at a fraction of the cost of buying the car outright.

What Is a Lease?

For Davie and Plantation buyers who are new to leasing, let us unravel the mystery of a lease for you. A lease is a way to obtain a vehicle by paying for the vehicle's expected depreciation instead of paying for the entire value of the vehicle. The expected depreciation value gets divided over the time that you plan to use the vehicle to determine your monthly lease payment. Since Volvo vehicles are well-built and generally retain their value well, leasing a Volvo provides a great value for savvy consumers.

Advantages of a Lease

The biggest advantage of leasing a vehicle is that you can enjoy lower monthly payments. Since you're financing a smaller amount of money, your monthly payments are less than they would be if you bought the vehicle outright. Another great perk of a lease is that you can get into a brand-new vehicle at the end of your lease term instead of waiting several years after paying off your current vehicle to make it worthwhile to buy a new vehicle. With the fast pace of innovation in Volvo vehicles, this is a great option.

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