Now, more than ever, you want to be able to breathe the cleanest air possible. It is one thing to roll down the windows and feel the warm gulf air blowing through your Volvo. It is another thing to know the air coming from inside your Volvo is the best air possible. That is why, starting in 2021, you'll find the Advanced Air Cleaner in almost all Volvo models. Weston Volvo Cars in Davie is proud of Volvo's efforts to ensure everyone enjoys the freshest air possible.

What is the Volvo Advanced Air Cleaner?

Volvo's Advanced Air Cleaner is an automatic air purifier that filters out the microscopic airborne particulates and exhaust gases in your cabin. It provides the cleanest driving experience possible for you and your passengers. The Advanced Air Cleaner was developed by Blueair, Swedish Air Filtration System supplier. Volvo is the first automaker to institute the Advanced Air System. The Advanced Air Cleaner stops up to 95% of all hazardous PM 2.5 (particulate matter) from entering the cabin. That is the number determined to be a major air pollutant. At this level, particulates can affect your health and negatively impact your respiratory system.

The Advanced Air Cleaner allows you to monitor the air quality in your Volvo through the center infotainment screen and engage the system when needed. You can even get a head start on clearing the air in you Volvo before you even sit down. Use the Volvo On Call app to activate the Pre-Cleaning function. The function will run for two minutes to blow out the particulates and recirculate the clean air for three minutes. Or, just check the air quality levels, so you know what you're getting into.

You will be able to find the Advanced Air Cleaner in nearly all Volvo models starting with the 2021 model year. The exceptions are the compact XC40 SUV and the S60 sedan. The Advanced Air Cleaner is just another way Volvo separates itself from the pack. Nothing is more important than the health of its drivers and their families.

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