There is no manual on what makes the perfect crossover. It needs to be versatile, able to carry your friends and family in style, and comfort. You need to be able to load it to the gills with your camping equipment, beach gear, suitcases and sporting goods in the back of your crossover. But there is nothing that says it can't be all of these things and still be beautiful and luxurious. That is where the Volvo SUV lineup steps up. The roster of crossovers at Weston Volvo promises to fit the needs of anyone looking for an elegant adventure vessel.

What Do the Volvo SUV Options Offer? The Volvo family of SUVs consist of the subcompact XC40, the compact XC60, and the midsize XC90. Each comes packed with powerful engine options, ranging from the based 250-horsepower T5 engine to the 400-horsepower of the hybrid powertrain. You can drive further in a Volvo crossover thanks to its envy-inducing fuel economy; you'll be making fewer stops for gas as you head to your favorite destination. Other SUVs have a hard time keeping up with the EPA-estimated numbers you'll find in the Volvo lineup.

At the top of the food chain is the XC90. It is the luxurious crossover every SUV wants to be when they grow up. Nearly 16 cubic feet of cargo space, leather and matte finish wood accents throughout the cabin, and exceptional safety and infotainment technology abound in each trim level. Passengers enjoy the three rows of seating but love the available second-row captain's chairs for a more personal ride for your passengers. Each row gives everyone space to move around, unlike the crowded bench seats you'll find in comparable crossovers. One of the biggest selling-points of driving a Volvo is the promise of safety. From its design to unique standard features, Volvo has taken painstaking measures to ensure every passenger is not just comfortable but protected on the road.

When it comes time to search for a new SUV, there is no reason to overlook the selection of crossovers at Weston Volvo. Every feature you love is sitting in a Volvo XC40, XC60, or XC90. Take a test drive and find out which fits best for your life.

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