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Volvo is there for you in many ways beyond supplying you with a stunning and reliable vehicle.

Volvo puts in the additional effort to ensure you are taken care of, confident in their customer service, and so much more. Here at Weston Volvo, we are excited to announce that coming this September is the Care by Volvo program! This all-inclusive car subscription will make your life easier, hassle-free, and convenient. To learn more continue reading.

How it Works

The Care by Volvo Subscription is a better way to lease a new Volvo. It's not only more flexible, but it's easier for all. This subscription includes maintenance and protection for your Volvo's tires and wear and tear. This also includes insurance coverage!

Once this program has reached our lot in September, you can easily apply with no negotiation costs. Once you've applied, it will quickly be reviewed online, and your at-home delivery will arrive within just two weeks. You can even schedule to have your new Volvo delivered to your home if you choose.

You'll enjoy yearly upgrades that allow you to switch your current model to suit your needs better! A growing family and need something larger than an S60? With the Care by Volvo subscription, you easily upgrade your sedan to a larger XC60 or XC90!

The Care by Volvo subscription will make your life easier. We understand that you have a lot going on, and we want to be there for you when it matters most. We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic subscription this September! If you have any questions, we welcome a phone call, and we will happily assist you. You can also check out more about the program by visiting Volvo's website.

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