Volvo luxury vehicles are designed to provide you with peak performance. To maintain that performance, you will want to rely on top Volvo technicians to look after your vehicle. At Weston Volvo, you can find the most experienced team ready to work on any aspect of your Volvo vehicle. Here is a look at the type of services offered by your local Volvo service department.

Preventative service and maintenance To ensure the peak performance of your Volvo, our service department will be able to perform important scheduled maintenance and service, including oil changes, filter changes, fluid checks, tire rotations, tire changeovers, and vehicle inspections.

your vehicle must stay up to date with its important scheduled maintenance and service. This will allow your Volvo to maintain peak performance and ensure the long life of your Volvo.

Parts and repairs

If there is an issue with your vehicle, then you will want to choose our dealership's service department to get your Volvo back at 100%. Our service department can perform full brake service, including brake sensor repair, disc brake replacement, rotor replacement, and disc pad replacement. Need new tires? We have top all-season, performance, and snow tires for any Volvo vehicle. Our service department can also quickly solve any check engine light issue. Other top parts and repair services available include work on the vehicle's exhaust, HVAC system, powertrain, electronics, and more.

All repair and replacement work use Genuine Volvo Parts. These parts are manufactured by Volvo and are entirely compatible with your Volvo. Our service department can quickly order any Genuine Volvo part for your vehicle and have it delivered to our dealership.


Our service can also perform collision work on your Volvo. We have restored all types of Volvo sedans, coupes, wagons, and SUVs their original condition. Our team has the tools, parts, body panels, and expertise to work diligently on your vehicle.

If you would like to schedule a service or repair, please contact the service department at Weston Volvo. Be sure to ask about any available service department specials.

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