620 × 240?

To begin with, this popular subcompact luxury crossover provides everything you need to get in and out with ease, with a sharp exterior and rewarding interior to win you over time and again. You can do virtually anything you want it in it: Climb a mountain, buzz around in city traffic or load it with a week's worth of groceries.

We are excited about the upcoming Volvo XC40 because you need space for cargo and an all-wheel drive vehicle for bad weather. We agree with your desire to express rugged, outdoorsy resourcefulness. Because you want a car that sits high above the road and can be easily slid in and out of, we offer this superior luxurious crossover.

What’s in this subcompact luxury crossover?

It’s sexy, dynamic and youthful enough that you'll be thrilled that it’s in your hands every day. When you get in, you’ll find a lower sill to step over, a wider door to pass through and you won’t have to nod your chin into your chest to climb in. That kind of aerobics is great for a workout class, but not so great for the driving experience.

The Volvo XC40 occupies more than just a middle spot between low-slung executive sedans and high riding pickups. It expresses something so American, it makes apple pie blush. That’s common sense.

Secondly, this luxury subcompact crossover offers vivid interior color selection, fascinating exterior design, and the most advanced infotainment features found on any car today. Along with that, you get Volvo’s legacy of safety features. These features have won numerous safety awards. For example, the XC40 was rated superior for pedestrian crash avoidance. In addition, it won an IIHS top safety pick-plus for this model year.

Your entire family can enjoy the XC40 with features a digital key that grants access to all family members with smartphones. Newly designed bucket seats provide comfort for both short and long trips. Finally, the XC40 comes in three trim levels that provide every look or feel your heart desires.

Come visit us today for a test drive of the Volvo XC40.

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