Get Your Spring Tune-Up and Services at Weston Volvo Cars

As you enjoy spring, remember that it’s a great point to get the services your car needs to stay ready for the road trips and commutes that are in the works as well. In addition to a good spring cleaning, car services can get your vehicle ready for what’s ahead. The diverse list of services for vehicles can be long, but there are some basic services to consider that can be great to get your vehicle in shape for your spring traveling.

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Spring services

Firstly, you can schedule an appointment with our Service Center for an oil and filter change. You want your vehicle to run effortlessly, and a properly working engine can be vital. With oil helping to cool the engine and lubricate the parts of your car’s engine, you want to make sure that you get the oil changed routinely.

With all of the traveling you may have to do during spring or road trips that are fast approaching, you want to get the battery inspected. We can examine it to make sure that we don’t see any corrosion and that the charge is optimal.

A tire rotation for your springtime maintenance can also be essential. You want those tires to wear evenly, and for the tread not to get worn more on one side than the other. Also, we can see what the tire pressure for each of the tires is to make sure that they aren’t leaking air.

These are only a portion of what can get completed for your spring service. Others to consider include things like cleaning the lights of your vehicle and checking on the windshield wipers. Do you want to get a more detailed look at services available at Weston Volvo Cars, and what we recommend for your service appointment at our Davie Service Center? Contact us today!

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