The exhaust system plays an integral part in your vehicle's overall safety. It redirects harmful gases away from the cabin and into the atmosphere. Making sure that your exhaust is in good condition is crucial. Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to get your exhaust looked at by a professional.

One the most noticeable signs of damage is a loud hissing or popping noise while you drive. This may indicate that pressure is unable to escape appropriately. These noises are often joined by leaking fluid. You may notice discoloration around the tailpipe or leaks underneath the body of your vehicle. Another sign of damage is diminished fuel economy. If you're not getting the mileage that you're supposed to, it could mean that your engine is having to work harder to operate efficiently.

If you suspect that your vehicle is experiencing exhaust issues, come to Weston Volvo in Davie today. We'll handle the problem and take care of all your automotive service needs.



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