These are some of the items you should pack in your roadside emergency kit.
  1. Flashlights are crucial to making repairs or flagging help at night. Be sure you pack plenty of batteries for the flashlight in your kit.
  2. An empty gas can will come in handy if you run out of fuel.
  3. Jumper cables allow other motorists to assist jumping your dead battery for you.
  4. Keep a small first aid kit in the kit to take care of any small injuries.
  5. Extra fluids like a gallon of coolant and quarts of motor oil could really be useful if the car engine runs low.
  6. Blankets and drinks will keep your passengers cozy if stuck in the disabled car in the cold.
  7. Pack a bag with assorted tools for making a number of repairs.
Our team at Weston Volvo compiled this list of roadside emergency kit essentials in the hopes you stay safe while driving on the road.
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