What are Gaskets: Auto Engine Guide

The head gasket in your car provides a seal between the engine block and combustion chamber. It allows the pistons to move between the metal while conducting compressed air. When that air becomes overheated or if there is a leak, it could mean that you have a blown gasket. A blown gasket occurs when holes or cracks start to form on your gasket. Some cars are more prone to blown head gaskets.

If you notice that your car is overheating frequently or there is white smoke from the tailpipe, then you could already have a blown gasket. Allowing a gasket to remain damaged only causes more trouble for your vehicle. Gaskets can become twisted, allow air to move into your car engine, and other issues.

You shouldn't drive with a blown head gasket. If you notice these issues, stop by Weston Volvo located in Davie, FL for a quick check and get back on the road.
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